Things not to do before the Open

Exhibit A

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a rip – okay, multiple rips – like that before! Kids, this is what happens when pride gets in the way of ability.

Yesterday the WOD was:

Feb 17
I used 95# for the back squats and they really felt heavy by the end!

The EMOM was great practice for my kipping pull-ups which are slowly becoming a thing. I just did sets of threes.

The metcon was where pride came in. I knew I was capable of 65# for the snatch so I loaded up my bar accordingly. Since Coach Eric had helped me with my toes to bar (T2B) a few weeks ago, I also knew I could string a few together. Away I went when the WOD started, stringing sets of fives together for both exercises.

It was on the last round of snatches that my foggy, adrenaline-filled brain realized there was blood on the barbell. Oddly, I didn’t think it was my blood. I kept going. Over to the pull-up bar and knocked out five T2B. Then I looked at my hands. You saw what they looked like up above! But I couldn’t let myself come so close to finishing only to give up, so I finished the last ten reps with a few singles and a few no-reps. 10:48. RX.

Exhibit B

I’m ashamed to admit that I was feeling cocky yesterday because I’d heard that I made a list of so-called “elite athletes” at Sunalta. I was so proud of myself for achieving any sort of acknowledgable athletic ability – let alone call me elite!  The fame went straight to my head unfortunately.

Now I’m realizing part of being elite is (a) being humble and (b) knowing when to stop. And also (c), when the Open starts in a week, you don’t rip the sh*t out of your hands.  Right Kait?

After an extremely painful shower and some soap, here is what my hands look like now:


Here’s hoping that with a little Polysporin, rest, and self pity I will be back in fighting shape nex week for the Open!




5 thoughts on “Things not to do before the Open

  1. Oh Honey, you silly girl!!
    How does one get on the “Elite Athlete” list at Sunalta. Will it include an interview with the Calgary Herald? You could show them your owey:-)
    Hope it heals quickly!!
    Love Mom


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