Deadlift Week at CF Sunalta


feb 18

Deadlifts are typically a once-a-week activity at Sunalta, but this week Coach Eric treated us to two (so far!) days of deads.  Tuesday was light but yesterday got a bit heavy.  My lower back is sufficiently tired now, especially with Wednesday’s snatches.

With my tender hands throbbing still from Wednesday’s rips, I only worked up to 175# for 5, a little short of the 185# I did two weeks ago.  And I think I’ve kind of figured out rebounding box jumps, just in time for the 2016 Open!  Will box jumps be programmed this year?

hunger games crossfit

The metcon was a quick fun little burner, because anything is doable 30 seconds at a time.  I averaged 10 calories per row, 9 shuttle sprints each run, and just over 25 double unders per round.  Score: 173.  Double unders are how you rack up points, and frankly I’m still pretty slow.

After crossfit, Dana and I walked a freshly groomed Penny for a 1/2 hour, then quickly got cleaned up at home.  Meg and Wade hosted us, along with some other gym friends, for dinner as we were celebrating Wade’s 100th birthday.  Just kidding Wade!  (But seriously, he’s getting up there.)  We consumed a delicious feast of steak, brussels sprouts and bacon, and sweet potatoes.  A paleo extravaganza!

We got home around 10 as Wade and Dana decided to sample some birthday scotch, and I wasn’t asleep until a bit later, so 5:15 felt extra early this morning.  But it was worth it for the super fun time last night!  We are so lucky to have such great friends in our lives!


Off on a mini-vacay tomorrow with Dana and so excited!  Enjoy the weekend, mis amigos!


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