Tips & Tricks: Open 16.2

Anyone else watch the CrossFit Games Open 16.2 announcement last night?  Anyone?


open 16.2 crossfit

Dana, Wade, Meg, and I tuned in to the online stream to watch, and had to laugh at Castro all bundled up like it was -40.  The athletes certainly looked warm enough by the end!  That’s what 20 minutes of that utter nonsense will get you.


As I mentioned last week, I’m a pretty middle-of-the-pack athlete.  My ultimate goal for the 2016 Open is to do two WODs RX, but of course there’s always a curve ball in every announcement that makes an average crossfitter like me think: “scaled or RX?” Last week, I chose RX and it was awesome because it pushed me to do chest-to-bar pull-ups, which previously I couldn’t do at all.

Earlier this week, I was being a bit arrogant with deadlifts so my back is pretty tight still today.  I’m glad I’m not doing 16.2 until Sunday so I have a few more days to recover.

For 16.2, on a good day, I can string some toes-to-bar (T2B) and double-unders (DU) together.  I LOVE squat cleans so that part isn’t an issue.  Let’s pray that Sunday’s a good day so I can RX no problem!  My goal for 16.2 is to get through 2 rounds.  I know if I can get through the T2B and DU reps relatively quickly, the cleans will be the smooth, confidence-building portion. (Don’t quote me on that…) I’m also hoping that I can get through the first round before 4 minutes is up so I can use that “extra” time for the second round.


Here is my weekly roundup of 16.2-related advice for strategizing, plus some interesting crossfit-related reads. Enjoy!

  • Coach Eric from my box, CrossFit Sunalta, thinks 16.2 is one of the “coolest Open WODs yet.”   He writes a very thorough analysis and warm-up every week.  This week, he highlights keeping your breathing under control, knowing your limits (like when to break up T2B), and doing singles for the cleans.
  • Tabata Times has a great analysis every week too.  This week’s article has advice for different skill levels, which is awesome.  For folks like me, they simply advise: “f*^#ing move” because time’s going to fly by.
  • This blogger has already tested 16.2 and there’s some great notes for the rest of us.  The best piece of advice: “During the cleans do not step away from the bar! Do not go walking around like an animal in pain! Do not let your feet move! “
  • This roundup of advice really emphasizes protecting your lower back – do some thorough lower back/glute mobility and warming up beforehand, and drop the bar from the top.
  • And more emphasis on protecting your low back – essentially, if you’re not planning a trip to Regionals, be humble and prioritze your back’s wellbeing.  Ensure your form is spot-on for your cleans.
  • More great advice this week from blogger 7 Diet Meals: get help loading more plates on your bar, and go unbroken on DU if they’re in your wheelhouse.
  • Breaking Muscle’s article is a bit sassy, but it has a few solid points on the Open in general, such as: “be the community you always speak about.” Help out your box if you can.  I didn’t judge last year and I feel like I really missed out. I’m making up for it this year!

What do you think of 16.2?  Does it play to your strengths or weaknesses?  Let me know how it goes for you!


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