Tips & Tricks: Open 16.3

Who were you cheering for last night watching the CrossFit Games Open 16.3 announcement?  If I’m being honest, my money was on the young guy; however, last night was one of those classic moments where the older experienced guy knows how to pace himself and finishes first.  Lesson learned.

Who else shook their fist at the TV when Dave Castro announced the bar muscle-ups (BMU)?  Me?  Just me?  Okay.

This weekend’s workout is:

crossfit open 16.3

The snatches are pretty dang light, but I’m sure they’ll add up fast.  And there are only three bar muscle-ups per round but… what if you don’t have BMU yet?  Then this workout gets signficantly more frustrating.  I imagine the Leaderboard will have a few scores of 10 for 16.3.   Although, I think there will also be a ton of first muscle-ups to be had too.

first bar mu

The scaled division’s version of 16.3 made me feel kind of frustrated.  Jumping pull-ups were already featured in 16.1.  Scaled athletes are capable of doing different movements!

crossfit open 16.3s

Although to be fair, I’m not sure what exercise I would substitute for BMU that would be (1) easy to judge and (2) appropriately challenging to do.

I’ve already made my mind up that I will do the RX this week.  I know I can do the snatches.  I’m hoping a coach can wisely educate me tonight on how to get BMU because I think I’m strong enough.  My issue is the kip, as always.  Coordination is not my strong suit.

Now for this week’s round-up of 16.3 advice from around the interwebs:

  • Coach Eric from my box CrossFit Sunalta recommends wearing gymnastics grips to save your hands, breaking up snatches (5/5), and as always pacing yourself.  For the RX pros, a pace between :45 and :55 seconds per round will be competitive.  (He also posted a full warm-up if you need advice on that portion.)
  • If you need help with your bar muscle-ups (like moi), here’s a round-up of Carl Paoli advice videos.  This piece of wisdom really helps me visualize what I need to do: “Once the hips are high, do the fastest sit up you have ever done.”
  • Good ol’ Tabata Times does a great weekly advice post on the Open.  This week, the discussion includes: use your hips on the (light) snatches to spare your shoulders, strategize your time based on which skill you’re better at, and take care of your hands  prior to attempting 16.3
  • BoxLife Magazine’s post makes a good point about the Open: now is the time to push yourself.  Sure scaled is easier, but 16.3 is a great time to stretch a little outside your comfort zone and try to get a few bar muscle-ups.

Have fun doing 16.3!  Let me know how it goes for you!



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