16.3 Accomplished

For a twist this weekend, I did the Open workout both RX and scaled.

On Friday, I attempted 16.3 RX, but spent :30 doing snatches and 6:30 attempting bar muscle-ups. And we aren’t talking close attempts either.  It was frustrating, but I also recognize that if I struggle to do basic kipping pull-ups, then magically being able to do bar muscle-ups would be just that – magic.  With that in mind…

On Sunday, I did a ½ hour warmup before my heat at CrossFit Sunalta. Then Meg judged me quickly while I did my 10 RX snatches.  I posted that score since one rep RX trumps 1000 scaled reps (unfortunately).  For my heat, I was the only one who did the scaled version.  Even my judge questioned what I was doing, when everyone knew I could at least do the RX snatches.

But you know what? Don’t knock the scaled until you try it.  The scaled version was hard, just in another way!  For me to do the RX, it was hardly a workout because 10 snatches followed by many frustrating attempts to do a muscle-up… it’s more of a mental exercise than anything.  The scaled version definitely got me breathing heavily, and quickly!  At the three minute mark, my lungs were burning and my throat was dry from breathing so hard.  The snatches felt so strange since they were so light, and with no plates, I awkwardly hit my knee caps a few times.  The jumping pull-ups had the additional challenge of being chest-to-bar (somehow I hadn’t noticed that fine print earlier) so I definitely found those more challenging.  In the end, I was two reps short of finishing eight rounds.  Score: 118 scaled.  And I was happy I did the scaled because I got a good little cardio workout in and had some fun.  Win win.

Now for the humble brag about Dana! Dana is not built like your typical gymnast.  He played football in high school.  But oddly, he’s really great at gymnastics skills!  I believe he got 62 RX.

He tore his hand on Friday practicing bar muscle-ups, and both palms ripped on Sunday, but he kept going like a trooper.  I was/am so proud of him.

It was a great day at Sunalta because many people got their first (and then more) bar muscle-ups! The energy from the spectators, competitors, and judges was really fun to be around.  Lots of yelling and encouragement!



I tip my hat to both of my friends, Anna and Laura, who got through multiple rounds of 16.3, when earlier this week neither of them had a muscle-up in their roster.  Yay fitness!

The whole weekend went by like a high speed chase. Friday night, Meg and Wade hosted us for dinner and a game of Settlers of Catan.  Meg made this chicken recipe and it was amazing.  Will definitely be making it again!

On Saturday, Meg and I hit up the 9:30 class at Sunalta. It was a cardio burner, with the added intensity of being a partner WOD.  While one partner was running 400 meters, the other partner was doing wall balls, kettlebell swings, and other fun things.  I was pretty tomato red after all that running.  After a quick shower at home, Dana and I headed to Haley and her boyfriend Mike’s place for part of their marathon movie day.


We took advantage of their condo’s awesome theater room and watched an Indian Jones movie while eating movie snacks.  Just as cheesy as I remembered, but entertaining at least.  From there, Dana and I raced down south to my niece Bailey’s first birthday party.  Very nice to see the whole family and hang out with the babies.  My nephew started walking a few weeks ago and now he’s confidently running around.  My niece was pretty interested in walking too, so I bet she won’t be far behind.  When we got home, we took Penny for a long walk then curled up on the couch to read before bed.

Sunday morning, I took Penny out for a 4 km walk then rolled Dana out of bed so we could get to Sunalta. We competed, spectated, and judged until the heats wrapped up, then got lunch from Tuk Tuk Thai on 17th Ave.  Their Pad Thai was pretty tasty!  After, we went and threw in a load of laundry before having an afternoon nap.  The nap nearly killed me – I didn’t even realize I was tired, but I had the hardest time waking up after.  Then I made dinner before Dana left for work.  After eating, Penny and I walked 5 km, I finished the laundry, got food ready for Monday, and finally found my way to the couch for some reading and a phone call with my mom.

A busy weekend for sure!

Enjoy the week everyone! How did 16.3 go for you?


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