Tips and Tricks: 16.4

Out of all the 2016 CrossFit Open WODs, I am most excited for 16.4. Yes, those two Icelandic women made it look easy with their calm methodicalness. But I’m actually looking forward to this one. 16.4 is:

13 min AMRAP

55 Deadlifts 225/155

55 Wall Balls 20/14

55 Calorie Row


My max. deadlift is currently 245#, so 155# is just over 60% of that weight. I think that sets of eight are how I’m going to pace the deads.  

I’m not a wall ball wizard by any means. Hoping that I can do consistent small sets and just survive basically. Actually, that pacing will hopefully help me on the rower. Those who know me know rowing for calories is a death sentence. 

grumpy cat rows

To be honest, I would be delighted to get a HSPU rep or two in, but I’m not sure I’ll make it that far in 13 minutes. HSPU are one of my surprising tricks – for a middle-of-the-pack crossfitter, I actually am kind of adept at them. Strict though. I can only do them strict. Don’t quote me though – the rules change when your heart rate is extraordinary high. HSPU-funny

Tips and Tricks

  • If you are looking for some sage advice and a 20 minute warm-up for 16.4, Coach Eric from CrossFit Sunalta has it covered. Main takeaways: be honest with yourself about how heavy 225/155 is for you (back health is #1), and “small sets, quick rest.”
  • BoxLife recommends strategizing a work/rest pace, and avoiding no-reps on the wall balls. I have a feeling I might have a few no-reps in my future. 😉
  • This article’s gems of wisdom include: eat some carbs beforehand and (for us average Joes) just keep moving
  • CrossFit Portland has a really awesome advice article on 16.4, but I thought this line in particular was brilliant: “If you do reach the handstand push-ups, it’s bonus time! Each rep you complete will grant you a zillion spots on the leaderboard.” Math. Science.

Have fun this weekend doing 16.4! Let me know how it goes for you!


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