16.4 Accomplished 

Whew, what a weekend! My parents came down to Calgary for a visit on Thursday.  We met them for a very late dinner at Open Sesame (dinner was so-so, but conversation was good).  I was beat from our 20 min AMRAP earlier in the day, and getting up at 5 AM for work, but somehow managed to stay awake until midnight visiting once we got home.

Friday was a marathon shopping day! Mom and I spent pretty much the entire day at Chinook shopping up a storm.  After months and months of living frugally (see: Dana gets laid off), having some new things to wear feels wonderful.  My sister came to join us shopping mid-afternoon and helped me find some different things to wear.  She’s good at picking a million things off the rack at nightmare stores like H&M so that I can at least find a few awesome items.  I don’t have the patience for that kind of stuff on my own.  For dinner, we hosted a family dinner at our place.  In a brilliant stroke of genius, Mom suggested ordering food in, instead of frantically cooking after a day at the mall, and so we ordered pizza from Village Flatbread and it was so, so good.  For dessert, Haley made a cookie layer “cake” with peanut butter icing and it was EVERYTHING and more.  I live for cookies.  And peanut butter.


Saturday morning, Mom and I went for a walk, then Dana went to our niece’s bday party and my folks went to Haley’s Iron Ring ceremony. She is finishing her engineering degree this semester!  While the house was empty, I got busy crafting a wearable box costume for Sunday’s 16.4 Intramurals (our team is “Jacked in the Box”).


After I got cleaned up, we all headed to the Hyatt for the engineering grad banquet.  It was actually more entertaining that it sounds.  #wine  Also, the guest speaker was a U of C alumni who is an astronaut.  So that was pretty cool.

And then it was Sunday! Mom and I walked Penny, then Dana and I raced out the door to CrossFit Sunalta to get warmed up for 16.4.

I was feeling super nervous about it since I knew I was doing the RX, but was scared about hurting my back again.  All the other ladies in my heat were scaling which made me second-guess my original plan to RX, but I stuck with it.  Coach Tim came over before we got started to help me get my handstand push-up (HSPU) station set up, although I wasn’t sure that I would get that far in 13 minutes.  The pressure was on because Dana and I had a team of spectators come to watch – his parents, my parents, my aunt, and Haley and her boyfriend (thanks for coming guys!).

3,2,1… go! The deadlifts actually felt pretty light!  I did them in sets of five, with 5 seconds in between (roughly).  It was definitely a manageable way to break them up.

My wall balls weren’t horrifying. I stuck with my plan to do small sets of roughly 5-6 per round.  Slow and steady.  I only got no-repped a few times.  Which was entirely fair.

The row though. I knew it would be an eternity and it was!  I think I got on the rower at 8:30 (ish).  I reckoned the row would take about five minutes (sad but true) so I definitely didn’t think I’d make the HSPU at that point.  The row was hard – I was tired and out of breath.  As the pros say, I was redlining.  Dana kept telling me to take deep breaths and to do big, hard pulls.  Occasionally I would actually stop rowing because I was dying, but Dana and everyone else kept yelling at me to keep going.  I remember peeking over my shoulder at the clock and realizing I had a minute left and less than ten calories to go – that really helped push me as there was a chance I could finish the row!  I pulled hard and just as the buzzer was going my 55th calorie turned over on the rower.  Yay!

Score: 165

Out of all the 2016 Open WODs, I think I’m most proud of 16.4. I really felt like it was my jam, despite the rowing.  My only regret is not getting to the wall – I know I could have done a few HSPU at least.  But I never would have guessed I would finish the row, so there’s that.


Dana and I actually tied scores for 16.4. He finished his row with about 2 minutes remaining on the clock, but he’d never done a HSPU before so didn’t set up a station beforehand.  Quickly, his judge, Laura, and I raced over to the wall to measure out his HSPU target, and Dana got in a few attempts before the buzzer went.  It was exciting!

After the WOD, we hung out for a bit to cool down and cheer. I got to explain a bit of crossfit stuff to my family, who are pretty new to the whole Open/crossfit thing.  It was nice to share a bit of my world with them.


#bicepslikekait #tomatoface

 We took some Jacked in the Box team photos, and then went to National for a late lunch with my family. After saying good bye to my parents who were flying home, Dana and I headed home for Epsom salts baths.  We were both so bagged from 16.4 and the crazy-busy weekend.  I took Penny out for another walk, then made this AMAZING recipe for supper.  We watched Walking Dead then headed to bed.  It was one helluva weekend!


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