16.5 Accomplished

Well folks, I survived the 2016 Open season.

The gang at CrossFit Sunalta wrapped it up today with 16.5.  Of course, I went in the first heat because I was super nervous (as usual.)

Janne judged me and she was fabulous.  Between her words of encouragement, and Dana telling me to stop laying on the floor, I couldn’t have done it without them.

My plan for the thrusters was 7/7/7 for the 21 round, 6/6/6 for the 18 round, 5/5/5 for the 15, 4/4/4 on the 12, 5/4 on the 9, 6 and 3 for the last two rounds.  This strategy sounds very elaborate, but mentally it helped because, well, anyone can do 7 thrusters.

I hoped to just be consistent with the burpees.  And breathe.

Pain face

I’m pleased to say I managed to stick with my elaborate thrusters rep scheme!  Surprisingly, I found the thrusters to be the rest and the burpees to be hell.  When does that happen?  I was in the twilight zone, for sure.


The 21, 18, and 15 rounds went well for me.  I felt like I had a strong pace and my breathing was under control.  However, my game went to pot in the second portion.  I even found myself resting on the ground at the bottom of the burpee which is the #1 way to make yourself throw up.  Fortunately, Dana and Janne’s encouragement was relentless, plus all the spectators cheered me on.  I felt a moment of jealousy when Anna finished when I was still completing my 9’s round, but I’m really impressed by her speed!

Eventually the 6’s and 3’s rolled around and I pushed through the pain to wrap it up.  17:59!  It was a tough one, but not the worst WOD I’ve ever done.  (That honorable mention goes to 15.5 – the thrusters and rowing WOD.)

It took me a while to cool down after, and I made a point of using the bumpy roller on my quads.  Painful but so good!  This stretch also helps the groin region:

Meg & Laura

I cheered on Dana while I recovered.  He was speedy!  18:25!  He definitely doesn’t love burpees or thrusters, but seemed to push through them just fine.

After I’d caught my breath, I judged for Meg and McKensi.  Meg’s consistency was a thing of beauty, and I marveled at the speed of McKensi’s thrusters.

We spectated the rest of the afternoon, then headed home for a very late lunch.  We’re both pretty dang tired, but I found a bit of energy to go on a 5 km walk with Penny and my pal Linds.  It was a beautiful day in Calgary and I’m sure it didn’t hurt to flush my legs out a bit.  Also always great to catch up with a friend!  Tonight Dana is taking me for my birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant, Cassis.  ❤

Hope you have fun this weekend whatever you get up to!  Let me know how 16.5 is and how it compared to 14.5, if you had the luck of doing both.  Happy Friday!



11 thoughts on “16.5 Accomplished

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  2. 16.5 was rough! I definitely felt worse doing the burpees than the thrusters. I followed the same rep scheme as you. I hit a wall somewhere in the 12/9 range, it sucked. But I finished in 22:17 and I was pretty proud of that time!


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