Twenty Six

I’m getting old.  Today I turn 26 which is only a stone’s throw away from 30.  Single tear.

Since I’m a superstitious numbers person, I’m feeling sad about leaving 25 behind.  I liked being a quarter centurion.  25 was such a good year:


  • Dana and I drank lots of wine in Kelowna



  • Meg and I became friends!  And her husband Wade too 🙂



  • Dana and I adopted a Mexican street dog and named her Penny



  • Family Christmas trip to Panama!

Dana and I Panama

mom and dad



My face for pretty much all the Open workouts – AKA “what the hell did I sign up for?”

It’s been a hell of a trip around the sun.  I salute you 25, and bid you adieu.

The next year promises to be a good one too.  Dana and I have the West Coast Trail booked for June 30th so we have lots of training hikes to fit in before then.  We also signed up for beach volleyball again with the gang from last year.  Life will be busy as usual!

As my friend Rob put it, I’m double a prime number, so I must be in my prime now.  Cheers, 26!


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7 thoughts on “Twenty Six

  1. Happy Birthday Kait, you 25th was a fabulous year. I can’t imagine how you’ll top it, but I’m sure you’ll have fun trying. Best wishes:-)
    Lots of love and hugs, Mom


  2. Well, as your older heading straight for 30 this year friend, I’m going to ignore the “old” comment! 😉 But is guess since I’m older and supposedly wiser… watch out for the fast forward button! After 25 it feels like time just keeps speeding up! Putting all those awesome adventures in a post is both brilliant and beautiful! 25 Years from now, how cool will it be to look at this post and revisit how awesome 25 was! Have no doubt year 26 will be great! Hope you had a wonderful birthday. -meg


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