Summer 2016 Happenings

Time to break up the radio silence that’s been ongoing this August on Peanut Butter Kait! It’s been an incredibly active and busy summer, and I can’t believe the September long weekend is right around the corner.  So, what have Dana and I been up to?


It’s hard to believe my blog used to consist of daytoday workout journaling. I haven’t done a post like that in forever!  None-the-less, my love for crossfit is still ongoing and as strong as ever.  I’ve been hitting up class throughout the summer at my home box, CrossFit Sunalta, about four times a week and seeing good gainz.  Things I used to loathe like double unders are slightly less sucky now, so that’s fun.  If I could just master kipping pull-ups, there would be nothing left to dread (#kiddingnotkidding).

I conned my dear friends and fellow Sunaltans, Anna and Meg, into doing a 3-person ladies team competition on October 1 here in Calgary. The WODs have not been released yet, but I’m confident we’ll have a blast!  I’m hoping we can start squeezing some training in for the competition soon, as it’s really only a month away.


Although we’ve only had Penny since November, it truly feels like she’s been part of our little family forever. She’s not the most affectionate animal generally, but that probably comes from living on the streets of Mexico for seven years.  With that said, she ADORES Dana with her whole tiny heart and worships the ground he walks on.

We’ve had a ton of fun taking her hiking this summer – everyone is always amazed when they see her out on the mountain, but her cardio conditioning is second-to-none.  My own dog makes me look bad.

I love her to death.  Other than when she does things like eat my earplugs or other miscellaneous household items.


… which is the theme of summer 2016. I’ve done several hikes since we got back from backpacking the West Coast Trail.

July 23rd I hiked up to Taylor Lake with a group of ladies.  Our boyfriends/husbands were out on a bachelor party backpacking weekend so we thought we should also get out to the mountains.  Taylor Lake is pretty, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone as it’s 95% hiking in the bush with no views.  The lake itself is lovely.  Worth 12 kilometers of forest hiking?  No.  Maybe trail running would have been more suited to the trail?

We spent August 12-14 out at Nipika Resort near Golden, BC for our friends’ wedding. Highly recommend checking the resort out!  Dana and I tried out trail running on the Saturday on the cross-country ski/snowshoe trails and had an absolute blast.  Somehow the 5 km we intended to do turned into a sweaty 10 km.  Now a pair of Salomon Speedcross 3s are on my Christmas list…

On August 20th, Dana, Penny, and I headed out to the Banff area to hike up to Harvey Pass.  It’s a very popular hike, but unlike Taylor Lake, I completely understand why.  The elevation gain up to Harvey Pass is about 1000 metres, but totally worth every gasping breath and burning glute on the way up.

We had a beautiful 28 degree day, but luckily the forest and then the gusting wind on top kept us reasonably cool.  We ate lunch at Bourgeau Lake and then carried on up to Harvey Pass.  The views up there are some of the best I’ve seen in Banff National Park!  All three of us were pretty exhausted driving back to Calgary after with about 20 km round trip under our belt.  Five star hike!


Just this last weekend, we headed down south to Waterton National Park with our friends Meg and Wade, and my sister Haley, for a car camping trip. We had warm weather on both Friday and Saturday, but it was pretty dang cool on Sunday morning as we packed up.  11 degrees!  We camped at Crooked Creek Campground which is a little bit too commercialized and noisy for me, but alternatively, I did appreciate having hot running water to wash dishes every night.

Hands down, Waterton is my favorite National Park in Alberta. The mountains are incredible there!  On Saturday, we had planned to hike Crypt Lake which is a super iconic Waterton hike.  Unfortunately due to a grizzly bear in the area, no dogs were allowed on the trail.  Since we had Penny along, we couldn’t do Crypt.  Our second choice was Carthew-Alderson, but due to construction on the Akamina Parkway we couldn’t access the trailhead without a shuttle, which we couldn’t take because of Penny.  Sigh.

We ended up hiking the popular Bertha Lake trail. Our hiking book rated the hiked 2/4, which I think is an insult to a beautiful trail.  Yes, Bertha Lake is very popular.  Yes, part of the hike is in the forest.  But Bertha Lake itself is absolutely gorgeous!  We hiked up to the lake, and then did the lake loop and headed back down to the bridge to eat lunch.

About 16 kilometers, 650 m elevation gain.  Up at the lake, we saw two black bears from a distance, and got very close to a buck with a large rack.  There were lots of berries around the lake, so you can understand why Waterton is known for bears.  On the way back to the campground after, Meg and Wade saw a grizzly from the car!  It turned out to be a great day of hiking, despite the disappointment of missing out on Crypt Lake.


To wrap up the epic summer, my mom last-minute planned a girls’ trip to Vancouver for the September long weekend.  My mom, sister, grandma, and I are heading to Vancouver to have a little getaway and see my mom’s childhood best friend.  On Friday, Haley and I are flying in early in the day so we can tourist around downtown Vancouver, and then we’ll meet up with the family in the evening when they fly in.  Any Vancouver recommendations?  Leave me a comment!  The weather forecast looks horribly rainy, but nothing a little shopping, eating, and drinking excellent coffee can’t cure.

How has your summer been?