Vancouver 2016: Day 5

After four fun days on the West Coast, our girls’ trip reached its last day.  Although I badly wanted to go trail running on the trail we’d walked the day before (it was beautiful!), my mom caught me in the hallway before I left to slap my wrists as she didn’t want me to get eaten by bears.  #26goingon6

I heeded her warning, and headed down the road to Whonnock Lake instead.  Because bears don’t ever frequent lakes.  😉

Selfie to show (a) how hard I was working and (b) the cute braid Haley did in my hair

When I got back to the house after covering 6 or 7 km (and oh so many hills), everyone was up eating breakfast and packing.


My aunt is a very skilled horticulturist, and my aunt and uncle’s acreage is absolutely gorgeous as a result.  I snapped lots of pics as she took us on a yard tour so I could show Dana (and you guys!) when I got home.


Take it from the girl who can kill a cactus, my aunt’s yard is breathtaking!  Don’t worry, I didn’t touch anything.

With all our things packed, we loaded up in the faithful CRV for the upteenth time and hit the road.  First stop, lunch at good ol’ Milestone’s.

After stabilizing our blood sugar, we roadtripped up to my uncle Scott’s worksite.  He is currently working up at SFU building a condo building.  Us ladies got a tour of the project, and enjoyed the very high views from the top of the building.  It was neat to have a bird’s eye view of Vancouver!

After the tour, we said our goodbyes to uncle Scott, and auntie Dianna drove us to the airport with a few stops along the way.

Our 2016 girls’ trip to Vancouver was a whirlwind, and we all had a very fun, memorable time.  I was so glad to have the opportunity to soak up some quality time with everyone.  Since I know auntie and uncle occasionally read the blog, I’m sending them a big thank you for hosting the family and I!


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