Battle in the Barracks 2016: the WODs

It should come as no surprise after last year, but I’ve gone and signed up for CrossFit Currie Barracks’ annual crossfit comp: Battle in the Barracks.  There are two divisions: Rx and Rx+, and only individuals (no teams at this comp).  The competition runs December 3rd and 4th.  Coach Eric posted the WODs yesterday, which only slightly diminished my nervous anticipation of the comp.

Great, 7 more weeks of being nervous!

I’ve been getting treatment for my right shoulder impingement for three weeks-ish now, and this is the first week I’ve been back doing overhead movements (although at a lighter weight than usual).  Of course, I’m excited to get back at training, but I also recognize that I need to let my body heal before I rush back to doing all the things.  So I held off registering before the WODs were posted, as I wanted to be sure I could handle whatever was programmed.  But yesterday, I bit the bullet and signed up – and thank goodness I did because the Rx ladies spots are sold out now!


So, what’s on the agenda this year (for us Rx folks)?

Events 1 & 2 – Clean & Jerk Ladder with a Snatch Chaser

On an 11min clock:

Event 1 – [Squat] Clean & Jerk Ladder:

5 @ 95/65

5 @ 115/75

3 @ 135/95

3 @ 155/105

2 @ 165/115

2 @ 185/125

1 @ 205/135

with remaining time:

Event 2 – Find 1RM Snatch

The game of these two events is that you can bow out of the C&J ladder at any point and start the snatch.

Kait’s opinion:


I love event 1 so am going to try to get as high up the ladder as I can.  Since my snatch number won’t be as high, I’m planning to focus more of my time on the ladder.

Event 3 – Barbell & a Bar

For time:

21 power snatch

21 pull-ups

15 overhead squats

15 pull-ups

9 squat snatch

9 pull-ups

Load: 95/65#

Time Cap: 10 min

Kait’s opinion: We trialed this event in class on Wednesday.  For the girl who hasn’t done anything overhead in three weeks, this event is a whole lot of upper body.  With 45# on the bar and kipping pull-ups, I finished in 9:55.


Clearly I need to work on faster, more efficient pull-ups, and pray that 65# doesn’t crush me.  Not sure I can finish within the 10 minute time cap, but I’m sure as hell going to try.

Event 4 – Up & Down

10 Shoulder to Overhead 115/75

15 Deadlifts 175/125

20 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20

25/20 Cal Row

100 Double Unders

25/20 Cal Row

20 Box Jumps 24/20

15 Power Cleans 115/75

10 Shoulder to Overhead 115/75

Score: Time

Time Cap: 17 min

Kait’s opinion: I don’t hate it.


Last year’s event featured 2x 30 calorie rows which almost killed me, so 20 calories seems totally manageable.  Weird how our perspectives change, hey?  Other than that, looks like a ton of fun!

Fortunately, I’ve conned Anna into joining me again this year so I’ll have her to train with, and motivate me on competition day.  Yay Anna!


I remember last year being terrified about the Battle, but it really pushed me out of my shell and got me comfortable being uncomfortable.  Plus I loved competing alongside my friends and fellow Sunaltans.  And the Battle is a really well-run competition with challenging events, massages/chiro, fun loot bags, and cool shirts.  Win-win!

At last check, the Rx events (both men and women) are sold out; however, there are still a few male and female Rx+ spots open.  And I noticed they’ve started a waiting list for both Rx events.  Sign up here!


One thought on “Battle in the Barracks 2016: the WODs

  1. Awesome! I can’t wait to cheer you on! I will be sad not competing along side you this year but on the plus side, I will be able to witness more of your awesome and be your biggest fan without being distracted by my own nervousness! The events look great! I’d love to work with you on trials and stuff! I sense some kipping pull ups in your near future!


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