17.1 Accomplished

For me, 17.1 was equally as bad as – if not worse than – 16.5 (a sickening combination of burpees and thrusters). I’ve only been in the “pain cave” that deep a handful of other times in the past 3 years of crossfit.

If you will recall, I was kind of pumped when I saw the workout announcement last Thursday.

Here, publicly, I would like to confess I was wrong. So wrong.

My initial reaction was genuine – look, a workout I can do all the movements RX for! – but as the weekend went on, I began to feel an impending sense of doom. Luckily it was a very fun and busy weekend leading up to that (I’m an auntie for the third time now!), but yeesh by Sunday morning I definitely felt sick to my stomach.

I was glad to be in the first heat on Sunday and just get 17.1 over with. My friend Rozie volunteered to judge me and she held me accountable for clean reps.  (Also, I view Rozie as a very strong athlete and definitely didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of the competition!)  😉  Fortunately I had lots of friends – Dana (ok, more than a friend), Meg, Laura, Jo, and Anna – in my heat to suffer alongside.

My strategy wasn’t very flashy – just keep moving and do the snatches in sets of 10. Don’t rush.

One of my biggest mistakes, though, was that mentally I wasn’t prepared to finish within the 20 minute time cap. I hadn’t even considered that as a remote possibility, so minutes before starting when Rozie informed me that I would “definitely” finish under the time cap, I was a little flustered I think.

3, 2, 1… go! The rounds of 10s and 20s felt doable.

I kept my strategy going in the round of 30s but was starting to breath hard.

I think my strategy went to pot in the round of 40s (AKA the halfway point). It was 9:XX around the halfway point and I realized that Rozie was right – I could finish under the time cap.  Shit. 

The 40s and 50s were very uncomfortable for me. My heart rate was too high, and I was redlining.  More times than I’d like to admit I found myself taking an extended breathing break, or even SITTING ON MY BOX gasping.

I think I finished the round of 50 snatches (THANK GOD) around 17:XX, but that meant (A) that I could finish 17.1, and (B) that I would have to move briskly. Which no one feels like doing when their heart is beating out of their chest and the need to vomit is looming.

Needless to say, somehow I got through those last 15 horrible burpees over-the-box, and collapsed writhing on the floor. Very dramatically because that’s honestly how shitty I felt.

Thanks to Coach Eric for the flattering pic

19:21 RX

I finished a minute or so after Anna (*shakes fist*), and Meg finished shortly after me, and then Dana finished just under the time cap.

We were all so glad to be done!

I rowed a bit to bring my heart rate down and rolled my quads a bit. My back felt awesome until about 20 minutes after… and it’s been incredibly sore since then.  Oddly, not much else is very sore.  My back took the beating.

The rest of Sunday was great – I judged a few heats, socialized, and cheered on other athletes. And I had my first float at Clear Float which was among the coolest things I’ve ever experienced.

All in all, a very fun, extraordinarily busy weekend complete with visits with friends and family, getting to meet new baby Emily, deep meditation, and super-intense fitness.

Lesson learned for the next time 17.1 shows up – move a little slower than necessary so I don’t need to take gasping-for-air breaks constantly.  This approach will decrease the need for and longevity of sitting-on-the-box breaks.

Looking forward to the 17.2 announcement on Thursday night. Any guesses?  How’s your back feeling after 17.1?



6 thoughts on “17.1 Accomplished

  1. Awesome job! I had the same reaction (ooh I can Rx!) followed by a huge smack in the face during the workout. I’m glad it’s over with and looking forward to 17.2!


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