Tips & Tricks: Open 17.2

Based on last week’s reception of my post on 17.1, I think I’ll continue with my weekly write-ups about whatever Dave Castro dreams up for us crossfitters during the CrossFit Open.  Judging by his Instagram account tips this week – which involve photos of a few goldfish (one gasping for air) and a strongman statue – 17.2 could basically be anything.

The CrossFit Games website seemed to have its share of issues this week, and they extended the scores submission deadline a few times, but I think it’s finalized now-ish?  In my region, Canada West, I’m sitting here:


There are apparently 3,405 women registered in my region, which puts me in around the top 20%.  I’ll take that – Lord knows I’m not qualified to go to Regionals, nor do I want to go!  LOL even with my amateur status, I’m still thinking about this meme posted on Alex Parker’s instagram:


But my policy with Open workouts is definitely one and done.  So I’ll take my ~676th place and call it a day for 17.1.  🙂

So, blathering aside – let’s talk about 17.2!

Surprise! More dumbbells! I honestly didn’t see that coming, though I guess the affiliates that ran out and bought dumbbells for 17.1 will be happy to use them again.

My thoughts? 17.2 seems gimmicky. But this is coming from the girl who would prefer to do front rack barbell lunges and barbell cleans. I’m going to protect my back as much as I can, as it is still not 100% after 17.1.

My RX limiter, as it was last year, is the muscle-up portion. My main issue is that I’m terrified of being up on the bar (#munchkin), so although I’ve half-heartedly done the drills in class through the year, I’m not much closer to getting one. I’m going to try a few drills tonight to see if it’s in the cards for me. 😬

My toes-to-bar are better than last year but I still tucker out pretty fast, so I see some quick singles in my future.

Goals? I’m confident I’ll get through the first two T2B rounds, and into the third round. I’m just not sure about those MU…

Tips & Tricks

If you’re itching for that first magical, elusive MU – CrossFit Invictus has a detailed, but not too lengthy, post with suggestions.

I watched the CrossFit Games Nicole Carroll video and she gave a some solid suggestions after doing the workout herself:

  • Lunges: be steady and breath. Don’t have a death grip on the dumbbells (*rules state you must grip them), but rest the rear portion of the dumbbell on your shoulder as much as you can for some relief.
  • Toes-to-bar (T2B): go relatively quick but don’t gas yourself.
  • Dumbbell (DB) cleans: try to string them together, but if you must break them up, make sure your eighth rep is to start your lunges. And try to do a 1/4 or 1/2 drop under your clean so you don’t have to pull the DB so high.
  • Bar muscle-up (MU): do small, manageable sets (2-4 reps at a time).

I recommend checking out the plethora of tips in this blog post from WOD Superstore:

  • DB cleans: try hook gripping the dumbbell to slightly reduce the forearm tension.
  • T2B: break them up, and break them up early (rep suggestions in article).
  • For those who hope to get their first MU (i.e. me, maybe): pace the workout beforehand so you’re not gassed when attempting MUs.

From wise Coach Eric of CrossFit Sunalta (my box!):

  • As always, “play to your strengths” – go harder on those skills and leave time for the movements you find more difficult.
  • For the lunges, try resting the dumbbells vertically on your shoulder.
  • In all the movements, be conscious of your grip as it is key in this workout!
  • Be aware of the new MU rule from CrossFit: “Only the hands, and no other part of the arm, may touch the pull-up bar to assist the athlete in completing the rep.”

I’ll be doing 17.2 on Sunday with my teammates at CrossFit Sunalta, and then I’ll aim to have a recap up early next week.  Enjoy the weekend!

What do you think of 17.2? Strategy? Ready to be done with dumbbells? 


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