Tips & Tricks: Open 17.3

We’re at the halfway point of the 2017 CrossFit Games Open!  We made it!  With both 17.1 and 17.2 featuring dumbbells, suffice it to say I was praying 17.3 would showcase a different piece of equipment.

What I would really like to see is a triplet of (full) cleans, burpees, and maybe some kettlebell swings, but the Open isn’t about me. Fine.  Just focus on my weaknesses then, Dave Castro, that would be great.

17.3 (for an 18-34 year old woman is)…

17.3 crossfit open

Wait, when I said that line before about exposing my weaknesses, I was joking!

The good news is that I can do all the movements in question.  The not-so-good news?  I can’t string together chest-to-bar pull-ups yet, and my squat snatch PR is somewhere in the ballpark of 85# on the best day possible.

So not exactly my dream workout, but I am optimistic I can survive the first three rounds of pull-ups and 65# snatches, and do a single 95# squat snatch.  That would be a PR for me so a decent goal.  But since it would take a miracle to complete the first 72 reps in under 8 minutes (the first round’s time cap), I think this will likely be a frustratingly quick 8 minute workout for me.  But it’s longer than last week’s, so I can live with it.

17.3 crossfit open meme

The truly competitive athletes of the CrossFit world, like our dear strong Emily Abbott, will be glad to see something more meaty like 17.3, I’m sure.

Motherly Advice

Make sure to read the workout standards posted here.  Important point: “A power snatch followed by an overhead squat will not be allowed.”  Ensure your squat snatches are indeed full squat snatches for the reps to count.

Do your hand maintenance before 17.3.  If you tear, come back here and follow their suggestions for healing up rips.

Friends can help you load plates on your barbell.  Time to make some friends!

Tips & Tricks from the Internets

Nicole Carroll (from the CrossFit Games website) has some feedback:

  • [17.3] is not a pull-up workout. It is a snatch workout.
  • In your warm-up, get at least one rep in at that snatch weight you know you’ll start to struggle with.
  • Breath during and after your pull-ups to keep your heart rate in check, then approach the snatches with confidence.

I really like this blog post by Talayna Fortunato.  Among her many (hilarious, at points) suggestions:

  • Avoid – at all costs – wasting snatches.  Re-doing those no-reps will cost you time and energy.  Doing the snatches as singles isn’t a horrible idea.
  • Be prepared for the workout (obv.) – have your belt nearby if you plan to wear it, chalk near the rig, and the various plates organized by how you’ll need them put on.
  • And to echo Nicole’s tip (above), don’t gas yourself on the pull-ups.

Chris Spealler on chest-to-bar pull-ups: don’t fight the negative portion of the movement, as this will just wear your shoulders out sooner.

Check the CrossFit Sunalta posting for strategy and warm-up ideas from the wise Coach Eric Barber.

For a change of pace, I’m planning to do 17.3 Friday night with Meg and Dana due to fun upcoming weekend activities like a wine tasting on Saturday night.  Nobody wants to do an Open workout after a wine tasting. No one.

But I’ll be at CrossFit Sunalta on Sunday to cheer on my fellow Sunalta Strong teammates and judge athletes doing 17.3.  I’ll be back early next week with a recap!

Opinions on 17.3?  What’s your plan of attack?


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