17.3 Accomplished

My CrossFit Open 17.3 experience isn’t much to write home about. So instead I’ll write about it on my internet blog. [eye roll]

As you can surmise from my past recaps, I’m just an average-Joe-crossfitter, not an elite-level Games athlete at this point.

I love doing the Open every year because, despite my inability to do some movements still (muscle-ups, I’m looking at you), you still realize the gains you make year-over-year.  They might be small, but trending upwards is all that matters.

With that said, the 2017 Open hasn’t exactly been making me feel like a rockstar.

I did finish 17.1 under the time cap, RX. In hindsight, that was my best Open event so far.

17.2 was a good workout… all 6 minutes of it… but those muscle-ups got in my way.

17.3 was an even quicker workout. I got it over with on Friday night as I forecasted Saturday’s wine tasting might inhibit my performance.  Meg came to cheer me on, and Dana judged.

Maybe the lip pucker helps?

The wins: I’m very pleased to say the 65# squat snatches were pretty smooth and didn’t kill me.  I did the chest-to-bars as singles, but quickly.  Dana only had to no-rep me a few times on either movement.

My strategy was to fly through the first “round” of snatches and pull-ups so my tie-breaker score would be competitive. I finished the round of 65# snatches in 4:19, I believe.  Then did the 7 pull-ups at a more leisurely pace and took some time to get my heartrate down before attempting some 95# snatches.

The problem was that 85# is the most I’ve ever squat snatched. I can power clean 100#, but I’m still lacking the confidence to drop under the weight in a squat.  I know it’s silly.  Science/math say that I should be able to squat snatch more than I can power snatch.  But that ratio still isn’t correct for me.

I probably attempted 95# five times with Meg, Coach Jane, Dana, and the rest of class cheering me on. I even got under it a few times (although I didn’t realize it, until after when Meg showed me the video!), but couldn’t seem to stick it and stand up again.


So I finished 17.3 with some tears in my eyes, but got it done. I do feel like the Open gave me the confidence to attempt 95#, and when snatches come up in class in the future, I will likely be able to get under the bar and stick it!

My finish in 17.3 only pushed me down 3 places on the Leaderboard so that’s kind of promising. Haha, you know I’m all about that Leaderboard finish.  😉

On Sunday morning, despite Saturday night’s festivities, Dana went in the first heat and did 17.3. That darn guy beat my tie-breaker time and got more reps than me!

I was more than happy to just judge a few heats, as I wasn’t feeling my finest. Anna had some great attempts at 95#, and Rozie made the 95# bar look light!  I also judged a scaled athlete and, for anyone who thinks scaled is easier, I think it’s equally as hard!  Those jumping pull-ups catch up with you, as does the increased speed of the workout (due to the lighter snatch weights).  The rest of the Intramural Open was spent socializing and cheering – a very nice way to spend a Sunday.

Tomorrow is the 17.4 announcement – any guesses? We all know Dave Castro’s Instagram hints can’t be trusted. How was 17.3 for you?



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