18.1 Accomplished

Hi everyone!

I’m taking a different approach to the 2018 CrossFit Open as my box is doing the workouts on Friday nights, instead of Sunday afternoons like last year. While I’m definitely glad to do the workouts earlier in the weekend so I don’t have time to nervously dwell on them, writing a Tips & Tricks blog post like past years on Thursday night seems redundant.

Perhaps because I’ve been slowly recovering from two different injuries (a strained low back and tricep) since December, my enthusiasm for the Open is slightly lower than normal. I actually didn’t pay my dues for the Open until the announcement of 18.1 because I wanted to be sure my body was up to the challenge.  Although last year I did all the Open workouts RX, I am open to doing the scaled workouts this year if needed because – let’s face it – I’m not going to the CrossFit Games one way or another, and I’d like my body to stay healthy and well for a long time.

First impressions on 18.1? To be honest, I got distracted after work and tuned into the announcement as the athletes were already chipping away.  So I didn’t even know what the workout was!  18.1 was:

20 min AMRAP

8 toes-to-bar (T2B)

10 dumbbell (DB) hang clean & jerks (35/50#) [5 reps/side]

12/14 calorie row

I really like that the quantity of reps for the movements was relatively low. I can usually string together 8 T2B consistently, and 5 DB clean & jerks didn’t sound too bad (although I had never done the movement in a workout before).  And only 12 calories for ladies?  That’s nothing!  (Classic CrossFit – if you find yourself thinking something is * only * anything… you’re screwed.)

Coach JP briefed us all about movement standards and then I judged a couple heats before I warmed up myself. The clean and jerks felt a little awkward, and with my left tricep blown up the past two months, I wasn’t sure about the jerk/push press portion of the movement.  I grabbed the ladies’ scaled weight, as well as the RX, when I set up my station for the workout – just in case I needed to change mid-workout to the scaled version.

18.1 surprised me. In past years, the hardest element would have been the T2B for sure!  This year, I think the T2B were the easiest movement for me.  The row was deceptively gassy, and to my surprise, the clean and jerks were definitely the toughest part of the workout.  I found myself resting the dumbbell on my chest after the first five reps so I could finish the other side’s five reps unbroken.

I had hoped to finish somewhere between 8 and 10 rounds, and happily finished the 8th row in time for a few T2B for a finishing score of 242 RX.  The best part of all is that my tricep felt fine throughout the workout and I didn’t need to use the lighter dumbbell.  All that physio has paid off!

I definitely slept well that night, but didn’t feel too horribly sore on the weekend. In fact, I decided to go for a light run on Saturday and ended up doing 8 kms because it felt good and the sun was shining.  All in all, I didn’t mind 18.1 and am looking forward to the weeks of the Open to come.

Any guesses for 18.2? How did 18.1 go for you?