Nemeses: Snatches & Double Unders

Probably the fanciest word I’ve ever used on my blog: nemeses. It’s all downhill from here, folks.

Yesterday was a “goat” day.

Where you look at the programming and think: I am not fond of most of those movements and would rather skip class.  Goats are the hardest things for you to do; the things that require the utmost stubborness to conquer.  That’s when you know you ought to go.

On the agenda:

The more I practices snatches, the more I think my issue is a combined lack of aggression and confidence under the bar. Strength isn’t the issue. I move my feet like a ninja (quietly), and that’s not very aggressive. I move slowly, and that’s not aggressive. Yesterday, I worked on speed and noise and got to 70#. With a bit of muscling up at the top because I’m a big baby. I am (not so) patiently awaiting that lightbulb moment to happen when I realize I am capable of moving like a strong, sturdy bull in a china shop.

bull in a china shop

Then snatching won’t seem so bad! Did my pull-ups with a red band just because.

The WOD annoyed me because anything with burpees and kettlebell (KB) swings is my jam. The 100 double under buy-in – not so much. Regardless, because it was a goat day, I did all the double unders even though it took me forever. My longest sets are about seven reps. 100 takes an eternity when it’s seven reps at a time. But it’s progress. The KB swings and burpees were the fun part. Done in 7:44, but the double unders took at least 3 minutes alone. I was ridiculously sweaty after, which made me laugh because it was such a short WOD.

Instead of going for a walk after work, Dana and I invited Haley over for lasagna and a visit. Just like old times, before she got so busy with her semester. After eating too much lasagna, Haley made us banana muffins so it was a pretty carb-tastic evening. We finished the night off with some Dragons’ Den, and Hay and Dana were watching Walking Dead as I went up to bed.

I’m not too sore today, fortunately, as the WOD looks intense! Lots of rope climbs to warm up our shoulders, then an 18 minute AMRAP with thrusters, pull-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups. Phew! I’ll be glad for my carb-tastic evening when the AMRAP rolls around. 🙂

On Saturday, the second portion of Rep The Box is being hosted at CrossFit Sunalta. Looking forward to claiming our rightful spot as victors at last on our home turf!

The events were posted yesterday:

  • Clean & Jerk Ladder – starting weight 95/65, you can choose any weight to do, you can go more than once, team that get’s furthest into the ladder wins
  • 21′ Rope Climb relay
  • Double Under Off – mass start, 2 scores: 1. last team jumping wins 2. total double unders
  • 20 KBS / Burpee box jump over relay
  • 5min Max Wall Balls – mass start, 2 scores: 1. total WBs 2. biggest UB set (UB set must be RX weight 20/14, appropriate scaling allowed for total WBs)
  • Team Bob-It Relay (fun game)
  • Synchro Grace
  • Beer Chug

I think we can compete in three or more events, so I’m hoping to do the bolded ones.   Hey, if it’s a fun competition and you can play to your strengths, why wouldn’t you?!



East Coast Vacation – Part 5

Our adventures in PEI continued…

Day 7

When we woke up it was cold and rainy out, but I really wanted to lift some heavy things.  Dana, post-stag, decided against coming with me.  Solo, I ran to the Atlantic Fitness East center (about 1.5 km from the hotel) in the rain.  I checked Sunalta’s WOD and Eric had scheduled:

The good news is that Montague had a gym for me to use.  The bad news is that it was archaic!  None-the-less, I found an assisted squat rack/machine (the kind where the bar follows the track and has hooks to rack the bar) and put (I think) 135# on the bar for the squats.

After, as I didn’t dare throw a bar around to do power cleans, I subbed 35# dumbbell snatches and did the burpees.  It was sweaty and effective.

I was pretty tired, but I ran back to the hotel and then rolled out.  The rest of the day was so much fun!

Dana took a day off golfing and took me for lunch at Terre Rouge in Charlottetown.  We shared a cheese and charcuterie board, and Dana had chowder and I had a beet salad.  And really good coffee!  The blue cheese was delightful.  Makes me a happy girl!

Unfortunately, we’d forgotten our umbrella and rain coats and while we ate, it monsooned.  We hoped it would clear up so we could wander around downtown and shop, but it wasn’t meant to be.  Instead, we hopped in the rental car and drove up to Anne of Green Gables.


Fortunately, the rain stopped and we were able to enjoy the grounds and walk around without getting too damp.

 From there, we drove through the Cedar Dunes park, and then to the Dunes art gallery and had a 20 min nap in the parking lot.  We’re getting good at naps! We didn’t have much time to check out the gallery as a result of the nap, but what we saw was lovely and apparently lunch is really good there.

 The highlight of the day, and possibly the trip, was our trip to Inn at Bay Fortune for dinner.  Seven courses of locally grown ingredients prepared simply to highlight the natural flavours.  Mmmm. My favourite course was the pork and potatoes, and the special marshmallow for dessert.  When Dana made the reservation, he’d told them my dietary restrictions (g-free and no eggs) and they were so effortlessly accommodating.  It was wonderful!  I had g-free chowder, and the marshmallow was a made-for-me dessert.

Drove back in the dark and crashed hard. Fun day!!

To be continued!

East Coast Vacation – Part 4

Our adventures in PEI…

Day 6

Although Dana was up early for another round of golf, I slept in until 8:30.  I decided to head out for a run and do a little Montague sightseeing.

As usual, the humidity was killing me slowly.

My parents, Gloria, and Ron picked me up from the Juice Box cafe and we headed out on another road trip.  Destination: chowder shack and a lighthouse.  We ate at the Point Prim Chowder House and it was really great.  As is normal for the Island, the service was very slow, but hey – we’re on vacation!

   We did a guided tour of the Point Prim Lighthouse and went all the way up to the top level.  It was interesting!   It is PEI’s oldest lighthouse.
I was definitely ready for a nap after our little trip, so I crashed on the bed for twenty minutes, then got ready for Katie’s stagette in Charlottetown.  Mom and I drove in together, and went to see French Kiss with all the ladies.  It is very similar to the Jubilations dinner theatre here in Calgary, but the quality of the production was a million times better!  It was really entertaining!

I ate dinner with these two crazy ladies

I ate dinner with these two crazy ladies

From there, us girls headed to the Olde Dublin pub to meet up with the stag.  Unfortunately, I’d been “egged” somewhere along the way earlier in the day and my stomach felt awful (I’m not officially allergic to eggs, but they really make me sick).  When Mom suggested driving back to Montague, I was definitely ready to go!  Dana nominated to stay with the gents, but what man wants to leave a stag early?


To be continued!