Dana and I love to get out to the Rocky Mountains and go explore!  As we live in Calgary, both Kananaskis and Banff offer plenty of hiking and backpacking options.

Here are some of the hikes we’ve done so far (Kait’s faves ♥):


West Coast Trail


Lake Annette

Mt. Indefatigable

Moose Mountain

Forks Campground (backpack trip)


Rummel Lake (winter hike)

Upper Kananaskis Lake loop

Barrier Lake (Prairie View Lookout)

Wasootch Ridge

Grotto Canyon

Lake Minnewanka (to Alymer Pass Junction Campsite)

Old Baldy Ridge (one attempt and one success)

Plain of Six Glaciers (Lake Louise)

Lower Elk Lake Backcountry Campground ♥ (backpack trip)

West Coast Trail (backpack trip):

Day 1: Bamfield to Darling River

Day 2: Darling River to Tsusiat Falls

Day 3: Tsusiat Falls to Cribs Creek

Day 4: Cribs Creek to Walbran Creek

Day 5: Walbran Creek to Campers Creek

Day 6: Campers Creek to Gordon River

Taylor Lake

Bourgeau Lake to Harvey Pass

Bertha Lake (Waterton National Park) ♥

Cheakamus Lake (near Whistler, British Columbia)


Raspberry Ridge

Elk Lake Hike-In/Wilderness Campground ♥ (backpack trip)

Petain Creek Waterfall / Petain Basin (not quite to the Basin, but I’m okay with that)

The Wild Side Trail (Flores Island) ♥

Picklejar Lakes

Peyto Glacier (en route to Caldron Lake)

Rockwall Trail (backpack trip):

Day 1: Paint Pots to Helmet Falls

Day 2: Helmet Falls to Numa Creek ♥

Day 3: Numa Creek to Floe Lake parking lot



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