Little Peanut: Second Trimester

I’m running a few weeks behind with my posts as I’m now 31 weeks along and in the third trimester, but better late than never!

Or alternative title: “All my shirts are belly shirts now

I’m happy to say that everything is progressing well with the baby and I!  The second trimester has been an improvement from the first, in that the all-day/all-night nausea finally quieted down.

Pregnancy in general has definitely been different than what I anticipated, but of course I’m very glad to be growing a baby.  The coolest part by far is getting to feel the baby kick!  I have felt lots of hiccups which make me smile.  Dana has felt the baby move too, but otherwise baby has been elusive when it comes to sharing with other family members.

My biggest struggle lately has been lack of sleep.  I wake up for the usual pregnant lady pee in the middle of the night and then never fall asleep again (or so it feels).  Compounding this issue has been the sciatic pain that has flared up lately, which makes sleeping/sitting/walking uncomfortable as my pelvis/low back are so sore.

My crossfit wods continue (with many modifications of course)!  I have given up running any sort of distance though as my bladder can’t handle the pounding.  I’m glad Seawheeze fell when it did (12 weeks along I think?) as I don’t think I could handle even a 5 km now with any sort of dignity.  With crossfit, I’ve been reading up a ton on diastasis recti, which although normal and to be expected in pregnancy, can be made worse by certain movements.  As such, sit-ups were out quickly, and other movements like pull-ups (even strict) and handstand push-ups are on the sidelines until after baby comes.  I’m definitely a bit wistful to (what seems like) half-ass my favorite activity – crossfit – but I know it’s not going anywhere and being pregnant is just a phase.  I’m going to keep going as much as I can until baby comes as (A) I love the endorphins and (B) I love the CrossFit Sunalta community beyond words.  Plus due to the physicality of labour, I’d like to be as strong as possible.

Dana and I have both been nesting in our own ways lately.  He’s been busy finishing up our kitchen renovation, and I am definitely getting the urge to put a nursery together.  [Even though many of our friends have said the nursery doesn’t get much use for the first few months…] I’m not super into decorating, and I’m definitely burned out on reno stuff from doing the kitchen, but I do want a room established for the baby with all the basic stuff: crib, glider, etc.

Christmas was really nice this year.  We celebrated with Dana’s family first on actual Christmas, then drove up to Grande Prairie to see my family.  Being in GP made me feel very sentimental as that trip will likely be our last before the baby comes, so next time I’m home will be with our new baby in tow!  I definitely can’t handle the 8 hour drive the more pregnant I get and I doubt it will be fun with a new baby, so thank god for Airmiles.

And lastly, in this rambling disconnected post, I just wanted to say how happy I am that we have chosen to go with a midwife team.  I feel empowered and really like the team that was assigned to us.  Dana has sworn we won’t have a home birth, so lucky for both of us the hospital is about a five minute drive from home.  I am coming around on a water birth though – something about it seems so soothing to me as I’ve always loved swimming.

As I am quickly learning, people love to ask a pregnant woman a few questions:

  • Do you know the gender?
  • Are you having twins?
  • Are you working up until the due date?

We still don’t know the gender, although it is very fun to speculate and put a names list together.  The old-fashioned pendant test showed a girl.  I think my belly looks like I’m having a boy.  Dana thinks we’re having a girl, although we both flip-flop.

We are definitely not having twins.

Since I’m so very, very type A, I just assumed I would work up until the bitter end.  I know I’ll be prepped well before baby comes, as this is my personality through and through.  Plus, the thought of sitting at home waiting for baby to come on some arbitrary date makes me anxious.  I’m sure a day or two before the due date would be nice, but who’s to say the baby is coming on April 14th?  So I guess my response right now is: TBD.

So with that, I’m signing off.  These baby posts are definitely something I want to look back on so hopefully they aren’t too dull for my general audience.

Mama friends, did you work up until the due date?